The Many Reasons For Heel Pain

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The Many Reasons For Heel Pain

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Reason For Heel Pain

There are  Many Reasons For Heel Pain. Most of the time people think its from a heel spur. most note worthy doctors are giving people the diagnosis of heel spurs for all types of heel and arch pain. Here we will name a few different reasons, and help you know the symptoms to look out for.

Plantar fasciitis / Heel spurs

The important part to know about this is that heel spurs are not a Reason For Heel Pain. Doctors and people alike are quite happy to send patients off for x-rays, only to see a spur. Its important to remember a huge number of the population have heel spurs, but most of them do not have pain.

This is because its an injury to the tissue (fascia) that causes the pain. Pain will most like be in the morning and again towards the end of the day. It will come from a change in lifestyle. Whether this be a change in footwear, increase in weight, standing for longer than usual, starting a new exercise programme.

This is usually treated via exercise, orthotics, shoes, and shockwave.


Nerve entrapment (baxters nerve)

Nerve entrapment through the inside of the heel is a big Reason For Heel Pain. This can occur to anybody. It can be a sharp and also aching pain. This is common mis-diagnoses as plantar fasciitis (heel spurs). With similar symptoms to heel spurs, the main difference is when the pain occurs. It generally can be at any time rather that specifically after rest.

First of all this is usually treated via orthotics, mobilisations and heat. Finally injections can be considerd


Heel bruising / stress fracture

Heel bruising is a Reason For Heel Pain. It will tend to be painful with pressure. It can be worse the longer you stand on it, but also can hurt all day. This can be diagnosed by squeezing the heel. However, If this increases the pain usually a scan is needed to rule out a stress fracture.

It will happen from a hard landing on the heel, or walking around on very hard floors. People with high arches are more likely to get this injury.

In addition can be treated with moon boots, orthotics, good shoes, massage, heat and more.


Severs Disease

This is not technically a disease although it is called one. Severs is growing pains and can be very common in children aged 7-12. The is diagnosed the same as heel bruising. Via a squeeze. Severs can be very painful and will need treating the major of the time to keep them on their feet.

Finally This is usably treated via heat, orthotics, massage and hip strength. It will eventually go by itself but needs managing the rest of the Time


This concludes our Reasons For Heel Pain blog. Therfore If you think you have heel pain book in now with our podiatrist, and get a proper diagnosis.