Shoulder Pain & Injuries – Gold Coast Treatment

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Shoulder Pain & Injuries – Gold Coast Treatment

Shoulder Pain & Injuries – Gold Coast Treatment 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

Shoulder Pain & Injuries – Gold Coast Treatment

Shoulder pain and injuries are very common on the Gold Coast. With lots of swimming, tennis and other sports the shoulder can easily get injured. The shoulder joint is a very mobile joint and can move in multiple planes. It also has a very small joint contact zone which leaves the joint very unstable and vulnerable. Therefore, good upper back mobility and strong shoulder muscles are important for a normal functioning shoulder.

Reasons for shoulder pain

There are many sources of shoulder pain and injuries. There are three very common sources as will be listed as follows. Therefore, it is important to visit a physiotherapist to determine the source of the pain. Firstly, IT may be radiating from your neck. Stiff cervical (neck) joints can present with neck pain but also radiating pain down the shoulder and into the arm and leg. Secondly, It may be due to weak or tight rotator cuff muscles, which leads to  uncoordinated shoulder movement. Lastly, a stiff upper back or upwardly rotated shoulder blade, means the shoulder cannot move as freely and can cause the rotator cuff to be impinged.

What will a physio do?

Shoulder Pain Injury Treatment should be carried out by a Physio. Physiotherapists will be to assess your shoulders movement, determine whether it is a movement coordination issue, hypertonicity of the muscle or weakness in the muscle of joint immobility. Initial treatment consists of manual therapy, education and self-management strategies to allow for pain relief. Then the physio may use taping and exercises to retrain shoulder movement. Lastly, strengthening targeted towards activity you usually do will help prevent future episodes of shoulder pain.

If you have shoulder pain or a shoulder injury then you can know you are in safe hands at Ace. If you would like an appointment then don’t put it off. We are usually able to fit you in on the same day you call. To book simply click on this link  we hope to see you soon.