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Shin splints also Know as MTSS (medial tibial stress syndrome is extremely common in athletes and people involved in fitness. It comes from the overuse of the calf muscles causing them to become tight. This can occasionally develop into stress fractures if not treated. The condition is also very painful and can prevent people from being able to exercise.

A study performed in 21013 looked at the effects of massage on shin splints. 20 minute massages were performed 3 times per week for 12 weeks. Results showed that there was a significant difference between the massage and non massage group in terms of pain relief. : parvizi B, Behpoor N, ghaeen S, bahiraei S. The effects of four weeks of massage therapy on pain intensity in shin splints. PTJ. 2013; 3 (1) :39-44

Shin splints should be treated in a mixture of different ways. Exercise modification and prescription, shoes and custom orthotics as well as massage. It is best treated and most effectively treated with a mixture of these modalities. If you do require pain relief though massage is a proven option to help treat the injury.


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