Relaxation /swedish Massage

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relaxation / swedish massage

What is Relaxation massage?

Also known as Swedish massage, it is lighter and gentler than other types of massages. A Swedish massage does not concentrate on a particular area of injury but rather focuses on the relaxation of the whole body to increase mental wellness and vitality.

When should you have a Relaxation massage?

A relaxation or Swedish massage is used to help your body and mind recover from stress. It also improves the quality of sleep through increased blood flow. Better sleep and less stress lead to less anxiety and depression and improve your overall happiness.

How does Relaxation massage work?

A relaxation massage revives the body and mind by reducing tension in the muscles. It also nurtures the release of endorphins and elevates your blood flow, which increases the chances of healing and overall happiness.

relaxation / swedish massage

What will a Relaxation massage therapist do?

One of our qualified massage therapists will take a history of your problem and conduct a thorough assessment to decide on the best type of therapy to suit your needs. At ACE we listen and work with you to design a personalised treatment package to get you back on track in no time.

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