Hi, I’m Amelia Stewart physiotherapist at Ace Health Centre.
I know all of us here have been affected by COVID and felt its effect. This week I have had covid and am still recovering. Going through it helped me appreciate what our clients will be going through when stuck at home, and also the power of exercise in symptom management.
I have created a FREE Isolation survival guide to help with three of the common symptoms ( neck tension/HA, lower back pain and SOB/chest tension).
It’s a 16-page document that we have uploaded to our website to provide some help for people stuck at home unable to receive therapy.
With the ongoing effects of covid being unknown, we have decided to embrace it as an illness and learn to help our clients through it. It won’t just help people though.
I have added in products that people can purchase and a brief explanation as to why they will help. We will also be selling Isolation Survival Kits from our clinic. This includes a bundle of products that people can buy, for people who they know, are suffering from covid to help support them in their isolation.
With me along with at least 3 other team members with covid this week, we are trying to find alternative ways can help people from our home.
I hope everyone is staying healthy, and we hope that this guide helps you through that 7 days of home.
Best of luck, Amelia. Head Physiotherapist.

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