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What Is A Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist/Chiropodist is a university trained allied health professional who undertakes a 4 year university accredited Bachelor of science degree. During their education they learn about the investigation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of the whole lower limb.

Podiatrists treat a long list of conditions that involve;

  • bone and joint disorders
  • arthritis
  • soft-tissue and muscular injuries
  • neurological and circulatory diseases
  • nail and skin condition’s
  • and more…….

All Australian podiatrists have to be registered with AHPRA. This is the governing body for allied health throughout Australia.

Podiatrists were previously known as Chiropodists. the name was changed in 1977 to Podiatrist. This was aimed to reflect the changing scope of practice. Podiatrists now treat a wide range of conditions, are more highly trained and have a higher degree of medical knowledge.

ingrown toenail ace podiatry gold coast

3 Gold Coast Locations

Clear Island Waters

8/60 Santa Cruz Blvd

Clear Island Waters
Gold Coast

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Inside Giant Chemist,
Shop 1615 Ground Floor,
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Gold Coast
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Shop 8 / 5-7 Lavelle Street
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ingrown toenail ace podiatry gold coast

Ingrown Toenails

Painful ingrown toenails are very common. Removal of an ingrown toenail can with be done in 2 ways. It can be cut out, but this is not necessarily permanent, or permanent removal of the ingrown toenail.
Permanent removal of an ingrown toenail is usually recommended, and is a very common and simple procedure. It takes around 20mins for 1 side of the toenail or total toenail removal, with an extra 10 mins being added for an additional side of the toenail. The procedure takes place in the clinic room, where you have the option of watching or lying back while the ingrown toenail is removed.
This minimally invasive procedure leaves you with little pain and discomfort after, and back doing normal activity within a few days. During the ingrown toenail removal procedure you may bring things such as books and tablets to keep you entertained while it takes place.

General Podiatry / Medical Pedicure

General podiatry treatment and medical pedicures. Performed by experienced podiatrist. Corns and callous removal, fissures, fungal inflectional and more.

Children’s Feet

Children feet can be very soft, flexible and susceptible to injury. Get them checked by a podiatrist at one of our Gold Coast clinics and give them the best chance of a pain free future!

Children feet ace podiatry gold coast

Lower Limb / Foot / Ankle Sports Injuries

General podiatry treatment and medical pedicures. Performed by experienced podiatrist. Corns and callous removal, fissures, fungal inflectional and more.

Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have heel pain? is your pain worse in the mornings or after periods of rest? Is the pain stopping you from doing the activities you love and from enjoying your life? If so you may have Plantar fasciitis.

With people spending time on their feet, the area never gets time to heal. This extremely common conditions easily treated via footwear advise, stretches and exercises, and custom orthotics.

heel pain plantar fasciitis ace podiatry gold coast
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