Podiatrist Job Gold Coast

Podiatrist Job Gold Coast

Podiatrist Job Gold Coast 150 150 Ace Health Centre

Podiatrist Job Gold Coast

A very exciting opportunity has arisen with a podiatrist job on the Gold Coast becoming available. Ace Health center is one of Australia’s leading podiatry and physiotherapy clinics, located in Clear Island Waters on the Gold Coast. Our goal within the clinic is to maintain a very high standard of clinician and patient care. In other words, we make sure our staff are taken care of, so that they can take care of their patients. One of our highest priorities is making sure our staff are happy. I have previously worked in a job where I was seeing up to 40 clients per day on the busiest days. I know how this affected me and so aim to never do this to any of our employees. You will never be overbooked, you will have time todo notes and letters, and have weekly CPD to maintain a high standard of care and knowledge. If the team well we will show our appreciation. For example, in November the team had a great month and so everybody took paid time off to spend the afternoon jet skiing.

In addition, we have a brand new clinic. This means that now is the perfect time to apply for our podiatry job as we further progress our clinic and services available.

So….. this is what’s available for you in the podiatry position?

  • Shockwave therapy
  • Nail surgeries
  • Full-color 3D printed orthotics
  • 3D scanning
  • Learn orthotics 3D design skills
  • Learn orthotics manufacture skills
  • Balance and strength CPD
  • Gym and pilates set up
  • No home visits or nursing homes
  • Ongoing education and CPD
  • Working with Australian podiatrist of the year
  • Work with and learn from 4 physiotherapists
  • Full reception service todo your bookings, sterilizing, payments, and more
  • A high Biomech caseload prescribing 40+ sets of orthotics per month
  • Pediatrics, sports, and generally mixed client caseload
  • Time todo notes and letters each day
  • Education for having clients complete their rehab and treatment plans
  • If you want something to help treat, feel free to order it. Keeping high standards of treatment is important.
  • Wireless ultrasound
  • And More…..

Our podiatrist job Gold Coast is 2km from Pac fair in Broadbeach, so very centrally located. This, therefore, means easy access to work from some of the best places to live on the Gold Coast.

What do we expect from you, our new podiatrist?

  • Firstly we want you to be open to learning new skills
  • Arrive 15 mins early to work, to allow time to get ready and make a coffee if needed
  • Be open to the way we treat. Every team works differently for every business. Being open to follow our way of operating is very important. This way our great vibe within our Gold Coast podiatry clinic can continue, and so will our great services
  • Work hard. Nothing in life is free, having a good work ethic is very important to us. If we feel you have this then you will be rewarded equally as much
  • Work as a team. I know this is in every job description and it’s there for a reason. Keeping a team’s ethos is important. Having teammates you can rely on is priceless
  • In addition, it’s important to finish all of your notes and letters before you leave each day.

In conclusion, the podiatrist job Gold Coast is available now for you to contact us and apply. Most importantly, please send your CV to admin@acehealthcentre.com or give us a call on 5572 6222