Physiotherapist in Main Beach

physiotherapy main beach

Physiotherapist in Main Beach

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Physiotherapist in Main Beach

Main Beach Physiotherapist We have some exciting news! One of our physiotherapists will be starting in Main Beach. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to seek the same awesome Ace experience in Main Beach. If you live closer to this area, this will be a great way to save time commuting. You’ll also be closer to the beach for a quick swim before/after your physiotherapy session. We will be located inside Tedder Ave medical center. This will be every Wednesday and Saturday.

What to Expect with Physiotherapy in Main Beach

All physiotherapy treatment that you’ve experienced at Clear Island Waters will be carried over to Main Beach. We will have a new private room where all assessments and treatments will be completed. Assessments may include gait analysis, observing movements, or analyzing strength and activities. What your physiotherapist observes and assesses will dictate your course of treatment. This may range from manual therapy, exercises, activity modifications, or referral recommendations. All treatment options together are aimed to help improve your symptoms and/or condition. There will also be options for taping strategies, dry needling, and resistance equipment for exercises.

What can Physiotherapists Help With?

Physiotherapists can help with a wide variety of injuries. Seeing our physiotherapist in Main Beach can help you return to pain-free living. If you’ve had a sports injury, tight muscles, or pain in your joints physio can help. Sometimes you’ll know what caused your pain but other times you may not be sure why it happened. Our Main Beach physiotherapist can help identify why you’re getting pain and provide the right course of action to help get you back on track.

If you have any questions about your condition, treatment, or any Ace Health Centre processes please contact us at any time to speak to our receptionists or physiotherapists.