Do you need to loose weight?

Do you feel disappointed with yourself for not being able to keep your promises and goals? Do you feel that no matter what, you always gain back the weight you lose? We know how it feels. We know how hard it is and we are here to help you to not only lose weight but maintain it.

Have you ever felt that

It affects your confidence

It affects your mood

You are not healthy

Loose weight and maintain it

How? easy! But one thing is clear, no one else but you can do it. So if you are willing to make that change and you are ready to feel & look awesome again, come to see us.

Meet your nutritionist & dietitian

Our nutritionist & dietitian will study your case and see what habits are harming you the most. Don’t be fooled, there is no one diet that works for everyone and there is no magic formula to lose weight. Remember this, It’s not about starving but it’s about eating. It’s not about plain food, but it’s about good food. It’s not about torturing your body but treating it right.

*At Ace Health Centre
-We work with all major private health care providers
-We offer bulk billing for eligible patients