No Gap Custom Orthotics On The Gold Coast

no gap orthotics gold coast

No Gap Custom Orthotics On The Gold Coast

No Gap Custom Orthotics On The Gold Coast 600 400 Ace Health Centre

No gap orthotics on the gold coast

At Ace in Gold Coast clinic we’re not just doing cheap or semi custom orthotics for our no gap* deal. We are supplying MotionX world’s first fully custom 3D printed orthotics. These are at the top of orthotic innovation and customization. New to the world of supplying orthotics their technology was only available as of 2019. They are the first in Australia to possess this technology an one of the first in the world. We are very lucky to be the first clinic in the world that has started supplying them. Our no gap* orthotics gold coast offer is available now.

No gaps in our No gap* deal

Just because you don’t pay anything out of pocket doesn’t mean that you will receive any less attention, service or followup. As the same as everybody else, you will receive a biomechanical analysis, free / no gap* fitting and follow ups, and a satisfaction guarantee.


What type of orthotics can you have?

The answer is whatever you need. If you need some new orthotics to help you hit that new PB, to recover from an injury, to help prevent you getting an injury or for everyday comfort.

We have models for your dress and fashion shoes, high heels, running shoes and more. You can choose from harder materials and softer, or we can cover hard materials with soft materials.

We can do all of these options with out no gap offer* at our clinic located mid Gold Coast.


How do i claim for my No Gap* Orthotics on the Gold Coast

To claim for our no gap orthotics offer at our Gold Coast clinic there are a couple of things you need to know. *No gap is subject to your private health fund, fund rules, level of cover, being processed via out HICAPS and reset date. To be able to claim you must have an appointment with our podiatrist. Please also note To be able to claim we must swipe your health fund card for the orthotics at the time of collection.

Please note that it is not our responsibility to know what level of cover you have and how much your health fund will cover you for. Accept all major health funds including HCF, Medibank, BUPA, CBHS, Teachers, Defence Health and more.


To get your no gap* orthotics gold coast book here today.