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What Is Matt Pilates?

Matt pilates is a form of using your own body weight as resistance, instead of using a spring loaded reformer.  It has set exercises to help improve your balance, flexibility and improve strength.

mat pilates gold coast

Why try Matt Pilates?

If you see our Physiotherapist they can custom write a matt pilates program for you to perform. This means it can be aimed at your weakness’s, previous injury history, medical history and more. This will make sure you reduce risk of injury and get the most out of your workout.

Perform Matt Pilates Anywhere


Once you have your matt pilates programme. you can come to one of our classes, have private tuition, or just perform at home by yourself. With no need for a pilates reformer you will be able to perform your exercises at home, on holiday or the local park.

mat pilates gold coast

Core strength with Mat Pilates

In a classic mat pilates class a lot of the exercises are based around core strength.  Core strength provides a foundation for your body. There are then other exercises that help improve strength in your legs, back, butt, chest and more.

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