• Myofascial is comes from 2 terms. The word Myo comes from connective tissue. While the word fascial comes from the connective tissue around it. The facia. When repeatedly strained ir injured they contract into knots. These painful knots are called trigger points.

  • Myofascial release (MFR) can be performed on somebody who’s muscles are overworked or injured. When the muscles develop trigger points and get sore and painful.

  • Myofascial is the sustained pressure on a trigger point which helps release the contracted muscle. The procedure can be painful. MFR helps reduce pain and increase motion. it is sometimes performed at home with the use of foam rollers.

  • The massage therapist will take a history of your injury / problem. They will then feel the body area to look trigger points.  A treatment plan shall then be built and MFR treatment performed. If any referral is needed then you shall be advised.