Lower back pain. Scans, physio and footwear

lower back pain treatment

Lower back pain. Scans, physio and footwear

Lower back pain. Scans, physio and footwear 788 522 Ace Health Centre

Chronic lower back pain is common but not normal

Chronic low back pain is very common, however common does not mean this is normal and that you cannot feel better. Many people shrug off a niggle in the low back for years, and with time, the episodes become more frequent. Eventually this stops them from doing activity they used to be able to do. If this sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably been told to get a scan as well.

Scans and lower back pain

Many  scans will show up with disc bulges, arthritis, degeneration in the spine. However, most cases, the scan findings do not match up with the symptoms we feel. There are other sources of pain such as muscular tightness, muscular strength imbalances, joint stiffness that cannot be captured on film. More often than not, seeing the scans are not helpful to diagnosing the back pain, nor does it change how physiotherapists treatment. It can also give the client the negative notion that there is nothing that can be done to improve the condition as it is “wear and tear”

Role of physiotherapy

Seeing a physiotherapist to determine what deficits are contributing to the back pain is the first step in aiding your recovery. We are skilled in looking at your pattern of movement, palpating for joint or muscular stiffness and addressing the contributors to your pain.

 Optimal treatment

The most optimal treatment for chronic low back pain is a combination of manual therapy and exercise therapy. We aim to not only relieve the symptoms but address the muscular strength and joint imbalances for long term benefits. Simply relying on hands on treatment will improve symptoms for a short time. However, just like massage, your muscles tighten back up because you have not changed anything you’ve been doing in your daily life. Your muscles are not stronger, the way you move is the same, so the original symptoms will gradually return.

Footwear and chronic lower back pain

Another factor that is often missed when looking for contributing factors of low back pain is footwear. We are on our feet feet during the day, and the shock that is not absorbed through our foot and footwear transmits up into the spine. Having a stable basis of support is crucial in balancing out and limiting the forces travelling up to our spine. Think of the time you spend on your feet, while exercising, shopping, walking along the beach. Each step counts. Therefore, getting a professional opinion from a podiatrist is vital in protecting your spine from unnecessary strain and stress.


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