Ingrown Toenail Treatment Gold Coast

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Gold Coast

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Ingrown Toenail Treatment Gold Coast

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Gold Coast will be discussed in this blog. An ingrown toenail can be incredibly painful. They are usually not self healing and will get worse without treatment. Fortunately a Podiatrist can help you with this painful and often debilitating problem and offer Ingrown toenail treatment that gives a permanent fix.

What is an Ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails are a common condition and occur when the toenail penetrates the skin at one or both sides of the toe where skin meets the nail, referred to as the nail fold. Once the skin is breached the toe can become red swollen and painful to touch. Frequently it can become infected with bleeding, discharge and an unpleasant odour.

What causes an Ingrown toenail?

Some of the causes of Ingrown Toe nails include:
  • Genetic – some people are genetically predisposed to developing ingrown nails.
  • Poor Nail cutting technique – Nails should be cut straight across or to follow the shape of the end of the toe, cutting too far down the side of the toe can cause nail to grow in
  • Footwear – shoes that are too tight or narrow will cause excess pressure on the sides of the toenail, resulting in ingrown nails
  • Trauma – direct trauma like kicking or dropping something on the toe
  • Excess sweating – teenagers are prone to ingrown nails due to increased sweating and playing sport. Excess sweet will cause the nail and skin to become softer making skin easier to penetrate and nail to change shape

How can I fix it?

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Gold Coast is usually straightforward and painless when preformed by a Podiatrist. The Ingrown toenail treatment starts with simply removing the offending piece of nail not leaving any spicules of it behind. It usually provides instant relief. Once removed the skin can heal and return to normal.If the nail persists in growing in, a permanent solution is available in the way of a Partial Nail Avulsion which involves surgically removing the ingrowing section of nail under local anaesthetic. Once removed a chemical called phenol is applied to the nail bed so the problematic piece doesn’t regrow. This procedure is painless and has a success rate of over 95%. Ingrown Toenail Treatment need not be complicated or painful. We offer 100% Gaurantee and if it regrows will redo it for Free!
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