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48 hours from now your GC Marathon experience is over. All your hard work paid off, all the blisters and cuts worth it and all the tears of frustration OR happiness are dried. You are a winner – a finisher – You are one of 27,000 participants of all ages that will cross the finish line at either Southport or Gold Coast Airport this weekend. Be proud, be bold and most importantly, spoil yourself rotten when it’s all said and down – You deserve it! While the Gold Coast is certainly an ideal location to hold a Marathon, it is undoubtedly THE place to treat yourself like a king post “finish-line crossing” with some pretty amazing activities on offer.


Dance the night away, take the family out for a feast or just hang by the beach, the Goldy has it all. If you need a little bit of inspiration as to what to do after your Marathon heroics, ACE Health Centre’s got you covered.


Here is a list of 4 GC activities that are just perfect after your Marathon efforts.



You probably waited for this moment for weeks. All the hard work, all the training, and all the meal planning paid off, and you made it across the finish line. Your job is done, and the days of eating steamed Broccoli and sauteed fish are over (for now). Whatever you have craved the last few days, weeks or months – Get it! Treat yourself to that double cheese pepperoni pizza you wanted three weeks ago, eat that double cheeseburger at Macca’s or line up for the all you can eat buffet at the hotel you are staying at. The Gold Coast is full of great eateries and restaurants, and we encourage you to go “all out” and treat your belly (and soul) with whatever your heart desires.


Sunday Fun Day

Mostly sunny, light winds and the chance of rain is under 5%. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Sunday is the perfect day to hang by the beach after your run. There is no better way to treat your aches and pains than with crisp salty water and Aussie sunshine. Rally the family, fill up an Esky with goodies for yourself and the kids and just frolick in the sun.



Trade your running shoes for sexy high heels or your best button up shirt and let your hair down. Out of all days (and night), today is the time just to own it. You have defeated your inner pig-dog, and that needs to be celebrated in style. If you are keen to bust some moves, then you are in the right place. There are multiple bars, nightclubs, and other establishments between Southport and Broadbeach.


Do nothing at all

This is my pick. After I cross that finish line, whip that sweat of my face and put some cream on my blisters I want to do nothing at all. I just want to go home and relax.  Netflix and chill (solo) and food in bed sounds good and maybe a deep tissue massage or a stretch to finish up the day.


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