Headache and migraine treatment

Headache and migraine treatment

Headache and migraine treatment

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Headache and migraine treatment via your Physiotherapists!

Headache and migraine treatment. Physiotherapists can cure your headache! Normally, physiotherapists would not be the first person you would think of to seek headache help from. Yet, with special training, physiotherapists can make a big difference is helping relieve your headaches. Through specific manual therapy techniques, changes can be made to the headaches and/or migraines you experience.

How Can Physiotherapy Help with Headaches?

Headaches and/or migraines can have many different symptoms and may not be exactly the same each episode. Some people may have specific triggers like wine, chocolate or stress that increase their symptoms. They can also be quite uncomfortable, persistent, and debilitating. People suffering from headaches have usually tried everything they can think of to help. But, maybe you haven’t seen a physiotherapist.
Physiotherapists can take a very detailed history of your headache and or migraine journey. You may have always experienced these symptoms or maybe there was an event that caused you to have them.

Some headache/migraine symptoms include:

·     Pressure
·     Heaviness
·     Ache
·     Squeezing
·     Clamp/vice-like
·     Neck pain
·     Nausea/vomiting
·     Dizziness
·     Throbbing
·     Visual disturbances
·     Sound disturbances
·     Stabbing
·    Burning
After determining the type of headaches/migraines you experience, physiotherapists then look at your neck. Certain areas in your neck can actually be related and contributing to your headache/migraine. After determining what area is contributing, specialized manual therapy techniques are applied to help relieve your symptoms. You should notice a change quite quickly. This may be a change in intensity, frequency, duration, symptoms or triggers of your headache.

Headaches Physiotherapists Can Help With

  • Migraines +/- aura
  • Tension headache
  • Cervico-genic headache
  • Cluster headache
  • TMJ headache
  • Menstrual headache
  • Sinus related headache