Gold Coast Women’s Health Physiotherapist

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Gold Coast Women’s Health Physiotherapist

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Gold Coast women’s health physiotherapy

At Ace health centre on the gold coast we are lucky to have a womens health physiotherapist. Some of the most common women’s health conditions that can be treated by women’s health physiotherapy. These include urinary incontinence, frequency, fecal incontinence, pre and post pregnancy musculoskeletal pains and rehabilitation.

Therefore unlike the muscles that we use to walk or to carry things throughout the day, the pelvic floor is not a group muscle that we exercise regularly. For most parts of our lives, we neglect it. Often it isn’t until during pregnancy or after pregnancy where we start to find incontinence symptoms or prolapse symptoms.


There are many different symptoms women’s health physiotherapy can help. These include pee leakage during laughing, coughing or sneezing, urgency when we have to rush to the toilet quickly, frequency when we need to empty our bladder multiple times during the day, or heaviness and dragging sensations . Therefore these troublesome symptoms commonly persist even after often seems that it is a taboo subject to talk about. We need to keep in mind that common does not mean it is normal, and that there is nothing that can be done to treat it. For more info click here


Many factors can come into play that women’s health physiotherapy deals with. Incontinence including lifestyle factors such as fluid intake, bladder irritants and bowel management. It can also include the need for behaviour retraining, trigger retraining and bladder retraining.

Further internal assessment may be warranted to gather a more complete picture of your condition. Internal assesment is often performed to determine structural changes that could be contributing to the symptoms. A womens health physio will look at your pelvic floor contraction technique, strength, coordination, pain and any indication of overactivity.

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If you have any of these symptoms or conditions that requires the care of a women’s health physiotherapist, then don’t be shy. You don’t have to live with these problems. It can be helped. Please call today and book an appointment with Lily Cheng. We promise you won’t be disappointed.