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Many athletes like to train to failure in the gym. Super setting and pushing themselves till failure is all to common. Athletes will always push themselves that little bit harder, to try and get that little extra out of their workout. But…. is this beneficial?

The answer is no!

If you are a body builder, or an average joe just looking to put on some muscle then go ahead. Push yourself till failure. This technique is perfect for muscle hypertrophy.

For athletes on the other hand who are trying to make their muscles functional, rather than just big, its not the best way to train.

The following study shows that high level endurance athletes who’s training programme does not involve exercises to failure, outperform athletes who do take their training to failure.

The biggest point here is that the athletes who achieved the biggest gains in strength and power, were the ones who did not perform their exercise too failure!

So the conclusion here is that, if your an athlete who wants to increase your strength power and sports specific performance, take a chill pill, pull back the weight load and don’t go to failure. If your in the gym though wanting to get bigger, look better, or to help get a date for the weekend, then feel free to go till failure. No pain, No gain!


Thanks to strength and conditioning research for the summary poster.18879879_1217239098387110_5719633071884250208_o

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