Exercising at home during COVID-19

Exercising at home during COVID-19

Exercising at home during COVID-19

Exercising at home during COVID-19 1200 628 Ace Health Centre

Exercising at home during COVID-19 is important. Especially for our older generation who are scared to leave the hours. The wonders of the modern world mean doing this is much easier than it was previously. Youtube and tell health leaves no excuse for not having ideas or motivation. Heres not only some motivation but also some exercises you can do by yourself, and with a partner.

Squat your dog!

This one is a great way to have fun, and a great way to get fit and strong. People with small dogs have the advantage here!


The climb over and around your partner exercise challenge

Now this one is a little harder and does require a bit more skill and strength for both people. There are a few different options for the road you take around your partner just so you don’t get bored. See how many times you can do it and beat your own record. This is a fun way of exercising at home during COVID-19.


The Milk Bottle workout

Now, what can you find around the house to help you work out? That’s right! A milk bottle! Simple easy functional and effective. Plus you can allow the weight for each person. Check out this video for a few ideas.

The shopping bag workout

There really isn’t any excuse for not working out. This workout can be done by anybody at any age. This one is the definition of functional exercise. Now, who hasn’t picked up a shopping bag in their lifetime and put it on the kitchen side? Now its a way you can get strong and fit! Check out this vid for a few ideas.

The Shopping Bag Workout

This video does exactly what it says on the tin. Post any videos of you bustin these moves out in the carpark at the supermarket in the comments below for a week’s free training down here at the studio!

Posted by Alex Backhouse Strength & Conditioning on Friday, 28 September 2018

What else do you need for Exercising at home during COVID-19

So there you go. A few fun and functional ideas for home workouts for Exercising at home during COVID-19. Were in this together, so let’s come out of it strong and fit together! If you need more ideas then contact us for an exercise program. Contact our physios are qualified in exercise programs. The can help you exercise safely and effectively.