• When it comes to activity doing sport specific exercise is important to get ahead. If you doing the wrong exercise for you sport it could hinder your performance, increase injury and waste your time.

  • Athlete development is for anybody doing a sport competitively or non competitively. Either way it could help increase performance, reduce risk of injury and help increase confidence.

  • Increase –

    • Speed
    • Stamina
    • Flexability
    • Stregnth
    • Power
    • Confidence
    • Co-ordinaiton
    • Balance
  • We can help you with all of your Athletic goals.

    We can help break you programmes down into Marco or Micro cycles depending on how detailed you want them to be, your goals, your time and your sport.

  • If you have a Private Health Insurance you may be eligible for a rebate for our Athlete Development programmes. Most Private Health Insurance policies include Exercise Physiologists in their Extra’s Cover. Why not call us to check your policy and see if you can maximise your benefits?

  • Ask your GP to see if you qualify for an enhanced primary care plan or a team care arrangement plan. If you do then ask to have the referral made out to us. This way you can get up to 5 visits bulk billed via medicare. Give us a call to find out more.