• 3D custom dress orthotics or slimline inserts are a great alternative for sandals, football boots, cycling shoes or any other type of shoe where ordinary orthotics just don’t fit. Custom made to your specs, we have the ability to digitally alter any width to the nearest millimeter.

    3D custom dress orthotics / Slimeline come in full or half-length with a variety of colour options to choose from.

  • Your dress model shoes are far less supportive than sports shoes. This changes your gait and puts unwanted stress and pressure on joints and muscles. This can lead to injuries, corns, callous and problems. Dress orthotics can be made for any style shoes where that little bit of support can make a big difference.

  • Call us to find out if your 3D custom dress orthotics are covered by your private health care provider. There are a few things to consider with your private health fund such as your level of cover, your policy waiting periods, annual limits and fund rules. It is important to know what you are up for prior to your visits to avoid unwanted, expensive surprises.