• People on an average walk around the world 4 times in their life. Keeping your feet comfortable, and your body in its best alignment is therefore important. Custom 3D everyday orthotics aim to keep your body in its best alignment possible and redistribute pressure to not only treat pain and injuries but also prevent them. At our Gold Coast clinic we will take into account the activities you are doing and the shoes you are wearing to come up with orthotics that will work best for you. Generally, your everyday shoes will be less supportive than your work shoes, which means your custom 3D everyday orthotics need to be made differently to cater to that.

  • If you have never been assessed by a podiatrist then you may never know. You have your feet checked up on every 12 months just like you do with your teeth at the dentist. How would you know you needed braces without visiting and your dentist assessing you?

    • Custom 3D everyday orthotics provide all-day comfort.
    • They are great for pressure redistribution
    • Less chance of callous or corns if you wear custom 3D everyday orthotics
    • Orthotics reduced injury risk
  • Call us to find out whether your custom 3D everyday orthotics are covered by your private health care provider. Check in with your private health provider on your level of cover, your policy waiting periods, annual limits and fund rules. It is important to know what you are up for prior to your visits to avoid unwanted, expensive surprises.