ACE Health Centre has a long history of providing custom diabetics orthotics on the Gold Coast. We recommend diabetics orthotics and ultra soft orthotics for people who are looking to add support and maximum cushioning. High-risk patients want to reduce areas of high pressure for protection. We recommend soft orthotics for people with misshapen feet with extra bones.  Our diabetics orthotics come in a range of colours to meet your taste.

    If your diabetic with arthritis you may be even more at risk. In this case the orthotics become even more important helping reduce injury.Bones can start to thicken and change shape within the sold of your feet. Orthotics can then be used to conform to these areas. This can help offload pressure and reduce risk of ulceration.


  • People with diabetes are at high-risk of Ulceration and amputation. Even pressure re-distribution over the sole of their feet is, therefore, necessary to avoid further complications. Any sign of corns or callous is an indication of high pressure and the need 3D custom diabetics Orthotics.

    A lot of diabetic orthotics are made from soft conforming materials such as EVA. They are then covered in moron, plasterzote or neoprene for a durable soft finish.

    That said some diabetics need more offloading of pressure areas. In this case a firmer more durable material may be used such and nylon or poly.

  • Call us today to find out if your private health care provider covers for 3D custom diabetic orthotics. It is important to know your level of cover, your policy waiting periods, annual limits and fund rules prior to your visit to avoid unwanted expenses.

    Your private health may cover you for soft, or hard orthotics with a range of materials and top covers available.