• Gold Coast children orthotics differ from normal orthotics. Your child’s foot is very different to yours as they are extremely flexible and the bones are soft. While your child’s feet are still growing, they are extremely susceptible to injuries. Womb position, improper footwear, hereditary influences, and poor development all can cause issues in your child’s feet. Unfortunately, children can’t always explain what they’re feeling other than saying it hurts. It is therefore vital for parents to pay close attention to the development of their feet. Doctors argue that most foot problems and pains in adulthood stem from ill-fitting shoes or poor foot experiences during childhood. It is important to remember that the foot is NOT a separate entity, but an integral body part that supports the entire skeletal structure. Gold Coast children orthotics are available form our podiatrist today!

  • Kids feet can be very soft, flexible and susceptible to injury. Therefore, Children 3D custom orthotics are specifically designed to help nurture the growing foot. Kids can choose from a variety of patterns to have on their 3D printed orthotics to have the most awesome feet in town. Children 3D custom orthotics come in half or full length.

  • Children’s feet and bones are far different from adults. Muscles are weaker and more prone to injury. Bones are softer and joints are more flexible, which is why Kid’s are going to have different types of issues, injuries and pathologies compared to adults.

  • We start by looking at the history of the child. Birth details, milestones and a history of the issues at hand. Once assessed, we perform a digital gait analysis and structural analysis to highlight any biomechanics abnormalities to come up with the perfect treatment plan and aid to create your child’s 3D custom orthotics.

  • We ask you to bring your child’s shoes for a fitting appointment at one of our Gold Coast clinics (Make sure they have not grown out of them). Will fit your kid’s custom 3D inserts while at the clinic and provide parents with instructions on how to wear and maintain them. We get you and your child back in for a review after 4 weeks to ensure the custom orthotics are the perfect fit. We recommend that Children 3D custom orthotics are reviewed and possibly updated every 10-12 months, depending on their growth.