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Kids orthotics

Why are children’s orthotics different?

Children’s feet and bones are far different from an adults. Muscles are weaker and more prone to injury, bones are softer, joints are more flexible. Kid’s are therefore going to have different types of issues, injuries and pathologies compared to adults. This is why children’s orthotics are designs differently to adults.

How do we prescribed children’s orthotics?

We start with taking a history of the child. Birth details, mile stones and a history of the issue at hand. Digital gait analysis and structural analysis is the performed to highlight any biomechanics abnormalities. This is assessed to help diagnose, create the perfect treatment plan and aid in the creation of your child’s custom orthotics.

Technology for results

Our gait analysis result will be kept so that we can track your child’s growth including with areas of pressure, weight distribution, foot structure and more

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Customised to your child!

Custom orthotics are them prescribed for your children via the use of our hi-tech 3D scanner and 3D printers. We can also give you advise on the type of shoes they should be wearing for school sport, home and more.

Fitting your childs orthotic’s

We shall then get you back in for a consult once the custom 3D orthotics return to us and fit them to your children’s feet and shoes. We shall give you instructions on how to wear them in and how to maintain them. we recommended children’s orthotics are reviewed and possibly updated every 10-12 months depending on their growth.

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