Fungal nail infections – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Lacuna (Latin for small lakes or puddles) method was developed following research that showed fungal nails responded to an application of terbenifine 1% spray/ cream on a regular basis, where the [...]


What happens to my feet during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body undergoes dramatic changes. These changes can happen at a fast rate, leaving the body without time to be able to adapt, which can put a lot of excess strain and stress [...]


Lower limb strength, your never too old! – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Although a lot of the time podiatrists are over looked in this area, podiatrists specialize in the lower limb including walking and running training.  Podiatrist should be the go to profession [...]


Podiatry & Mental Health – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

There has always been a significant correlation between foot pain and mental health issues. Several risk factors for foot pain have been identified, including increased age, female sex,and [...]


Mental Health Tips – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Were not going to go into anything fancy here. We just want you to read the 11 points. Taking them on board is the most important thing, and they are all pretty simple and self explanatory. We [...]


Arthritis – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Arthritis Arthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, with 3.8 million Australians affected and costing the economy more than $23.9 billion each year in the medical [...]


Nike Epic React Review – Ace Health, Centre Gold Coast

Initial Thoughts Pulling these out of the box they feel surprisingly light. This is surprising considering they have a forefoot and heel but stick with the typical narrow nike mid foot. Many [...]


Nike Vaporfly 4% review – Ace Health Centre – Gold Coast

Initial Thoughts When pulling these out of the box they feel like nothing you have ever seen before. They are very light the foam feels so much different to normal eva, the streamlined shape is a [...]


Shin Splints – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Shin Splints Treatment  Shin splints / pain usually occurs due to a sudden increase in exercise. Shin splints is very common in people who over pronate/have flat feet. It is usually caused by the [...]


New Equipment! – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

We are moving up in the world of rehab. We have recently acquired a Smith Machine with 150kg+ of weights to take your rehab, fitness, and recovery to the next level. Rehabilitation of an injury [...]

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