Neck pain caused by Thoracic outlet syndrome

You neck pain could be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

You neck pain could be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 290 290 Ace Health Centre

What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (neck pain)?

Neck pain caused by Thoracic outlet syndrome occurs when there is tightness built up between the area of your neck and collarbone. This pressure build-up can affect the nerves or blood vessels that are found in this area. Thoracic outlet syndrome is not as common as other conditions but does generally affects females more than males. It may occur due to either of the following:
–      A traumatic event
–      Repetitive injuries
–      Pregnancy
–      Body structure changes (i.e. having an extra rib)

Many symptoms overlap with other types of conditions which may make it difficult to initially identify.

What are the Signs & Symptoms?

If you have thoracic outlet syndrome, symptoms can vary from person to person. No one will have the exact same symptoms but may include some of the following:
–      Face pain
–      Neck pain
–      Chest pain
–      Shoulder pain
–      Burning or prickling feeling anywhere along the arm
–      Altered sensation anywhere along the arm
–      Arm weakness
–      Arm heaviness
–      Altered skin coloration
–      Coldness in the hand or fingers

Signs and symptoms tend to worsen when you raise your arm overhead. You may notice these symptoms during activities like serving a tennis ball or painting a ceiling. Driving or typing on a computer may also bring on some of these symptoms.

How to Treat Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Physiotherapy can help resolve the symptoms you are feeling above. Taking a thorough history of the symptoms you present with along with physical tests, can confirm or deny if you have thoracic outlet syndrome. Education regarding the condition can be provided to make you feel more assured and understand why you have these symptoms. Treatment may also include a mixture of the following:
–      Posture correction
–      Activity modification
–      Shoulder control exercises
–      Massage
–      Relaxation of tight muscles
–      Neck stretching exercises
–      Strengthening exercises
–      Shoulder joint mobilizations
–      Taping

Come see one of the physiotherapists at Ace today to relieve your pain and get your symptoms under control.

The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind

The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind

The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind 1200 675 Ace Health Centre

The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind

The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind is extremely important. When you become injured, it can become quite daunting at times. You may find it difficult to do everyday activities that may have been easy beforehand. For instance, activities like walking, participation in social events, work or sport may feel more like a chore. You may start to notice these restrictions throughout your everyday life. It is therefore important to be aware that there are many factors at play. However, stress and your perception of your injury are key factors that need to be addressed. When we get injured, there is both a physical and emotional response. Your physiotherapist can help ensure your stress and mindset from your injury is managed appropriately

How a Physiotherapist Can Help The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind

Physiotherapists can assist in your recovery both physically and emotionally.
By addressing the areas below, a holistic recovery care plan can be developed. We can help you The Relationship between an Injury and your Mind by understanding:
  • Your unique pain experience
  • Expectations regarding the rehab process
  • Helpful coping strategies
  • Emotions revolving around your injury and day to day activities
  • The many capabilities you still have

What are Coping Strategies to help

Coping strategies can be broken into two categories. Firstly Behavioral (your actions) and secondly Cognitive (your thought process).
Some examples of helpful behavioral coping strategies include:
  • Pacing activities
  • Goal setting
  • Seeking social support
Some examples of helpful cognitive coping strategies include:
  • Pleasant imagery
  • Reinterpreting pain
  • Coping self-statements
Stress is a natural response when an injury occurs. It is important to find positive coping mechanisms to help decrease your stress while your injury heals. By decreasing your stress you are also decreasing your pain. This improves your recovery overall and will assist with a speedy recovery.
no gap orthotics gold coast

No Gap Custom Orthotics On The Gold Coast

No Gap Custom Orthotics On The Gold Coast 600 400 Ace Health Centre

No gap orthotics on the gold coast

At Ace in Gold Coast clinic we’re not just doing cheap or semi custom orthotics for our no gap* deal. We are supplying MotionX world’s first fully custom 3D printed orthotics. These are at the top of orthotic innovation and customization. New to the world of supplying orthotics their technology was only available as of 2019. They are the first in Australia to possess this technology an one of the first in the world. We are very lucky to be the first clinic in the world that has started supplying them. Our no gap* orthotics gold coast offer is available now.

No gaps in our No gap* deal

Just because you don’t pay anything out of pocket doesn’t mean that you will receive any less attention, service or followup. As the same as everybody else, you will receive a biomechanical analysis, free / no gap* fitting and follow ups, and a satisfaction guarantee.


What type of orthotics can you have?

The answer is whatever you need. If you need some new orthotics to help you hit that new PB, to recover from an injury, to help prevent you getting an injury or for everyday comfort.

We have models for your dress and fashion shoes, high heels, running shoes and more. You can choose from harder materials and softer, or we can cover hard materials with soft materials.

We can do all of these options with out no gap offer* at our clinic located mid Gold Coast.


How do i claim for my No Gap* Orthotics on the Gold Coast

To claim for our no gap orthotics offer at our Gold Coast clinic there are a couple of things you need to know. *No gap is subject to your private health fund, fund rules, level of cover, being processed via out HICAPS and reset date. To be able to claim you must have an appointment with our podiatrist. Please also note To be able to claim we must swipe your health fund card for the orthotics at the time of collection.

Please note that it is not our responsibility to know what level of cover you have and how much your health fund will cover you for. Accept all major health funds including HCF, Medibank, BUPA, CBHS, Teachers, Defence Health and more.


To get your no gap* orthotics gold coast book here today.

Pressure distribution analysis. ACE Health Centre. Gold Coast.

Podiatrist Job On The Gold Coast

Podiatrist Job On The Gold Coast 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

The Ultimate Podiatrist Job On The Gold Coast

Here at ACE health center, we have come to the point where we need to add to our team! We are looking for a podiatrist who would like to work and live on the sunny Gold Coast. Ace health center is a multidisciplinary clinic that also utilizes pilates and gym equipment to help rehab clients back to health. Our clinicians have a strong background in strength and conditioning and would love to be able to pass their knowledge onto somebody new.

So why come work for us?

  • We have state of the art facilities including 3D scanners, shockwave therapy, digital gait analysis, pilates, and gym
  • We pioneer the worlds first full-color 3d printed orthotics
  • Use Australia’s only full color industrial in house 3D printer
  • Try orthotic manufacturing and finishing
  • Learn digital orthotic design
  • Perform shockwave therapy
  • Learn injury rehab with strength and conditioning qualifications
  • Learn about business
  • Get a mixed client load, from ages 1-100 years old
  • Mixed treatment base – ingrown toenails, orthotics, injury rehab, corns, callus, verrucae, balance classes and more
  • Learn from the Gold Coast top 3 podiatrists 2019, podiatrist of the year finalist 2019, and young entrepreneur 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Learn from Griffith uni lecturer and our physio Amelia
  • Have fun with our great team
  • Regular clinical meetings and learning
  • Quarterly CPD with an external talker
  • Company mobile phone and possible car (dependant on job taken and experience)
  • Learn digital gait analysis
  • No cleaning your own instruments or doing your own sterilizing
  • We have an air purifier (trust us, this one is important)
  • We reward hard work and teamwork

What do we want for our Gold Coast Podiatry position?

  • Hard-working – we reward hard work and it won’t go unnoticed
  • Teamwork – nobody is superman, so offload some things and help each other out
  • Refer – no one person can know or do everything. What has a great team and they are all very smart.
  • Tell the truth – this may seem like a simple one but sometimes tell the truth can pay off
  • Talk to us – If you have a problem and we don’t know, how can we help you, or resolve the issue.
  • Be happy and have fun – these things are contagious and rubs off on each other

I’m not really sure what else you would want in a job?

Our Gold Coast podiatrist job can either be clinical or a mix of clinical and representative work (chatting to orthotic clients, helping them prescribe, showing products and doing walkthroughs). We are open to knowing what you want in a job and what you hope to achieve within your time with us. Within our Gold Coast podiatry job, you can choose your own role. You can either have a very clinical role or part clinical and part sales / representative role.

We have 3 Physio’s, dietitians, pilates, and podiatry in our clinic. in clear island waters. There is a lot to learn from each modality and we can all benefit each other and help our clients better.

We hope that after reading this you will have an idea if this is the job for you. If you think you have what it takes then give us a call today and ask to speak with Mike!

Women Physiotherapy. Best Physio Gold Coast. Best Physio for pregnant. Physiotherapy throughout the pregnancy. Best Women's physio. Ace Health Centre. Bulk billing physiotherapy. Private health funds physio.

Post Natal Physiotherapy – Ace Health Centre

Post Natal Physiotherapy – Ace Health Centre 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

In post natal physiotherapy at Ace Health Centre the primary focus for treatment after delivering a baby is for the mother is often rest and taking care of the baby. So much so, the mother’s recovery is often neglected. In the six months after childbirth, the mother’s body also needs extra care. The mother’s body has gone through hormonal changes, where ligaments have become softened to accomodate for the growing baby. The pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal ligaments have been stretched out. Therefore, it is imperative to visit a physiotherapist to properly rehabilitate to prevent injuries and other common post-pregnancy complications. Below are some of the most common post-pregnancy conditions the mother may experience.

Post Natal  Bladder problems after childbirth

Some common bladder problems include difficulty starting the flow of urine, incomplete emptying of the bladder, leakage of urine and reduced sensation of bladder filing. Most bladder problems improve in the first two weeks, if it does not, please contact a physiotherapist regarding your bladder problems.

Post Natal Good Bowel habits

In Post Natal Physiotherapy straining and constipation can weaken the pelvic floor muscle and may cause fissures and prolapse. Therefore, good toileting habits are important. Some good tips are as follows. Going to the pass a bowel motion as soon as you get an urge, sitting up correctly keeping the back straight, leaning forward , resting the forearms on the knees bulging the stomach out and feet on a small footstool if your feet do not touch the ground.

Abdominal separation or diastasis of the rectus abdomens (DRAM)

The abdominal ligaments have softened and separated throughout pregnancy to accomodate for the growing baby. After birth, there is very little tension in the fascia in between the abdominal muscles. Therefore, the quicker a physiotherapist can assess the degree of the abdominal separation and rehabilitate it, the quicker the mother can regain strength and lessen the DRAM whilst the ligaments are still soft.

Post Natal Weakness of pelvic floor

The weight of your baby over the course of the pregnancy has stretched on the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, you can imagine how weak it is. The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for holding your pelvic organs up to prevent prolapse and also holds your urine and faeces in when you do not want to pass it to prevent incontinence.

Even if you have stitches or swelling straight after birth, gentle contractions of the pelvic floor muscle can help improve circulation and reduce swelling. Many people think they know how to do a pelvic floor contraction. However, they sometimes either do it incorrectly, or incompletely, or are unable to do it at all. Therefore, it is important to seek the guidance of a Post Natal physiotherapist.

General weakness of muscles affected by pregnancy

Exercise is important after pregnancy when doing Post Natal Physiotherapy as it helps with physical recovery of muscles affected by pregnancy and childbirth. Post pregnancy, a lot of time is spent lifting, bending and sitting more than usual. This increase in activity when taking care of your newborn in combination with weakness of your muscles increases your risk of a back injury. Therefore, retraining and strengthening your muscles to support your joints has great benefits straight after delivery. Other benefits of exercise includes weight control and facilitation with mental wellbeing. Exercise should be gradual and should be prescribed by a physiotherapist to avoid injuries as it often takes 6 months or longer for your body to recover.


Book Now with our Post Natal Physiotherapist.

Ingrown Toenail.A condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into the flesh . Best podiatrist Gold coast. Bulk Billing Podiatry. Medicare Podiatry. Ace Health Centre.

Fixing an ingrown toenail on the Gold Coast

Fixing an ingrown toenail on the Gold Coast 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

Fixing an ingrown toenail on the Gold Coast

Fixing an ingrown toenail on the Gold Coast is a fast and easy procedure. Many people have horror stories from prevues treatments where they have needed stitches, the nail has returned and worse the nail is still infected. The other point is that a course of anti-biotics will not cure an ingrown toenail. If the nail is still in the skin the infection will simply return once the course of antibiotics has worn off. If the piece of nail, is not removed the issue will not be resolved. There a quite a few different treatment options.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Options

Trim the nail

This is often the case for first timers. The cause of the ingrown toenail is often damage. The toenail was possibly cut wrong, a spike was left or it was kicked. Therefore trimming the nail so then it can grow out normal can sometimes resolve the issue. If it is particularly painful and aesthetic can be given.

Surgery with Phenolisation

This is the best way to resolve re-occurent ingrown toenails, or toenails with growth of excess skin at the side (hyper-granulation tissue). This is performed under local anaesthetic. The side of the nail is gently lifted and the nail trimmed. It is then removed. Phenol is then applied to the area the nail was removed. The phenol prevents the nails from regrowing in the area it is applied too. This is 99% successful if applied correctly. This is the best way for fixing an ingrown toenail.

Total removal of the nail

For extreme cases where the nail is very damaged, has extreme fungal infections where the nail is very thick. In other words this can be the best option. The nail is again numbed with a local aesthetics, gently lifted, removed and phenol applied. Above all when healed healthy skin covers the surface of the toe where the nail used to be. This makes it look clean and not obvious than anything has been done.


Conclusion For Fixing An Ingrown Toenail

In conclusion if you want a job doing correctly then go to the correct specialist. It’s the same as taking your car to a guy who fixes then from home, or taking it to a person who specialises in that brand. You are always going to get a much better outcome and job with the specialist. Whatever procedure you require fixing an ingrown toenail is pretty straight forward and easy. Call us today to book in today at our Gold Coast clinic with out podiatrist and see if we can

Women Physiotherapy. Best Physio Gold Coast. Best Physio for pregnant. Physiotherapy throughout the pregnancy. Best Women's physio. Ace Health Centre. Bulk billing physiotherapy. Private health funds physio.

Gold Coast Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Gold Coast Women’s Health Physiotherapist 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

Gold Coast women’s health physiotherapy

At Ace health center on the Gold Coast, we are lucky to have a women’s health physiotherapist. Heres some of the most common women’s health conditions that can be treated by women’s health physiotherapy –

  • urinary incontinence
  • frequency
  • fecal incontinence
  • pre and post-pregnancy musculoskeletal pains and rehabilitation.

Unlike the muscles that we use to walk or to carry things throughout the day. the pelvic floor is therefore not a group muscle that we exercise regularly. For most parts of our lives, we neglect it. Often it isn’t until during pregnancy or after pregnancy, we start to find incontinence symptoms or prolapse symptoms.


There are many different symptoms women’s health physiotherapy can help. These include –

  • pee leakage during laughing
  • coughing or sneezing
  • urgency when we have to rush to the toilet quickly
  • empty our bladder multiple times during the day
  • heaviness and dragging sensations

Therefore these troublesome symptoms commonly persist even after menopause. It often seems that it is a taboo subject to talk about. We need to keep in mind that common does not mean it is normal. Common does not mean that there is nothing that can be done to treat it. For more info click here


Many factors can come into play that women’s health physiotherapy deal with. Incontinence including lifestyle factors such as fluid intake, bladder irritants, and bowel management. It can also include the need for behavior retraining, trigger retraining, and bladder retraining.

In addition, a further internal assessment may be warranted to gather a more complete picture of your condition. Internal assessment is often performed to determine structural changes. These changes could be contributing to the symptoms.

  • A women’s health physio will look at your
  • pelvic floor contraction technique
  • strength
  • co-ordination
  • pain
  • any indication of overactivity

Book Now For Gold Coast women’s health physiotherapy

In conclusion, if you have any of these symptoms or conditions then contact a women’s health physiotherapist. In other words, you don’t have to live with these problems. It can be helped. Please call today and book an appointment. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

shock wave therapy gold coast

Shock wave therapy now avalible

Shock wave therapy now avalible 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

At Ace Health center, on the Gold Coast now has Shockwave therapy available.

What is Shockwave?

Shockwave therapy is a great noninvasive rehabilitation method that is getting more and more popular over the Gold Coast and the rest of the world.

Shockwave is a handheld device that emits low-frequency acoustic shockwaves that aim to kickstart the body’s natural healing.

The body responds differently to shockwave then it doesn’t to medication or other forms of rehab. This means shockwave is great to uses and multi-treatment therapy, but also if other conservative methods of treatment have failed.

What happens during treatment?

A gel is put onto the area of injury. The handpiece is then put on the gel and the machine is turned on. the gel helps the shockwaves transmit through the skin as they do not transfer well via air. Pulses of low-frequency sound are then emitted.

The area can be a little sore during the treatment feeling like little electric shocks. They can also be a little sore and bruised after. That said some people get pain relief right away, whereas some others may take a couple of days.

Success rate

Clinical trials on some injuries have come back with a 90% success rate. This shows that no matter what your injury, having it combined with shockwave can give it the boost it needs. Things like exercise therapy, custom orthotics, cortisone injections, and dry needling can also be used alongside shockwave therapy.

Who cant have shockwave?

Shockwave therapy on the gold coast doesn’t have many contraindications. A few though consist of

  • pregnancy
  • blood clotting disorders
  • pacemakers
  • taking oral blood thinners
  • cholesterol medication
  • open wound
  • had cortisone in the last 6 weeks

Shockwave treatment works especially well for injuries such as

  • heel pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • shin splints
  • tendinopathy
  • tennis elbow
  • Achilles injuries
  • frozen shoulder
  • spurs
  • patella tendinopathy
  • and more……

Book today with our physio or podiatrist at Ace Health Centre on the Gold Coast to experience this miracle breakthrough in medicine and rehab.

Top 5 things to consider BEFORE you start running

Top 5 things to consider BEFORE you start running

Top 5 things to consider BEFORE you start running 1000 667 Ace Health Centre

This year, Ace Health Centre has entered a team for the Gold Coast Marathon. The Gold Coast Marathon weekend is July 6-7 and includes a range of distances for all ages and abilities!

For the kids, there are two races- a 2km and a 4km dash. For the big kids, there are the Gold Coast Airport fun run (5.7km), Southern Cross University Run (10km), Asics Half Marathon (21.1km) and the Gold Coast Marathon (42.2km). Ace Health Centre has a number of entrants in the Asics Half Marathon as well as two runners who are attempting their first ever Marathon,

There are lots of things to consider when you are planning your next (or your first) running event of any length! It is all well and good to have a goal in mind, but you need time to physically prepare your body and your mind for what you will endure on race day.

With the Gold Coast Marathon fast approaching maybe some of you are slowly but surely starting to panic because of the lack of training or because they haven’t trained at all. Something our head physio knows a thing or two about as well!

Scrambling to maximize her preparation time, Amelia compiled a list of things she really needs to get in check BEFORE starting her GC Marathon training program to maximize her chances to cross that finish line on July 7.

Small but crucial little details such as the right footwear, weather or mood, made it into her list. Despite her knowledge as a physiotherapist, Amelia found out the hard way and made mistakes you can avoid!

Here are Amelia’s top 5 things to consider before running. Read them, learn them and never forget them



Podiatrist are experts in all things feet! Before you start any kind of new exercise, be sure to make an appointment with a podiatrist.

They will:

– assess your gait

– evaluate your current footwear

– recommend the perfect shoes for you

– suggest where to buy the right shoes (we can’t rate anyone higher than Athlete’s Foot Pacific Fair)

– discuss the need for orthotics if required

– flag any biomechanical issues that may require further intervention from a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, remedial massage therapist or strength and conditioning coach.



Over the years, running has developed a bit of a reputation for injuries. However, most running injuries occur due to overuse. If you continue to run on structures that are not strong enough to take the excessive force that running can cause, you are an injury waiting to happen! Get into the gym and build up some baseline strength and fitness before you attempt to tackle running. If you are clueless on where to start, see a physiotherapist for an assessment and to run a specific strength program.



If you want to reduce your risk of injury when running, be sure to not only listen to what the weatherman has to say but also take a look outside on the day. Too hot? Wait till the afternoon to cool down a little. Too rainy? We live in Queensland- it won’t last long. Running in excessive heat is not recommended, especially for novice runners. Save yourself the pain and the risk of heat stroke, and wait for more suitable weather before you take on a run. Running in the rain can create slippery surfaces and puddles- both of which can lead to a fall or trip.



We recommend that EVERYONE spends some time with a dietician to create an ideal eating plan for you. Consuming the right food can provide you with the fuel required for all activities, running included. As you then increase your running distances, a sports dietician can teach you more about substrate usage and when gels and fluids may improve your performance.



Sure you could just run 10km every day from now until the day of the race, but there are far more superior training programs out there. Your training program should allow for enough time for the goal event (hurry up;) ), and should gradually increase work volume. There will be periods of scheduled rest and cross training to reduce the chance of overuse injuries, and it should be malleable, should injuries arise. A physiotherapist, running coach or decent podiatrist should be able to help you out with a comprehensive training program.

If you haven’t started your marathon training, then you have to start now! Amelia’s tips will help you to get the most out of a very short timeline. Who says there are no shortcuts to success?