Back pain treatment on the Gold Coast

lower back pain treatment

Back pain treatment on the Gold Coast

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Treatment for lower back pain!

Lower back pain is very common and being to get Back pain treatment on the Gold Coast is important. In our everyday lives and once you have had it once, it is more likely for it to happen again. Bending over to pick something up off the floor, going for a run or even sitting around doing nothing may bring on this discomfort. The source may be coming from muscles, ligaments, joints along your spine, or even from your hip. Timeframes on how long this discomfort lasts varies greatly. Depending on how and why the injury occurred in the first place, and usually stems from more than one cause. Our body reacts to physical, social and psychological events that occur everyday in our lives. It is therefore important to address all aspects so that our back can get back to feeling it’s great normal self.

Self-Relief Techniques

Each person is unique and will respond differently to certain types of treatment techniques. Lucky though there are many strategies you can try at home to help relieve your pain. These include –

Being more aware of your posture, ensuring that you do not sit still in one place for too long as well as making sure you’re wearing the right footwear may also help relieve your low back pain.


If your low back pain persists, our physiotherapists at Ace Health Centre can assess and address your individual needs. Their job is to make sure that you feel like your normal self as soon as possible. Ace health centre has many different lower back pain treatment techniques to help.  During one of our individualised tailored treatment sessions, we strategies ways to relieve your low back pain. This may include soft tissue muscle release, dry needling, home exercise prescription, stretching, individual or one-on-one exercise classes, heat, or activity modifications.

If your low back pain is not going away, book in with one of our physiotherapists today.