A Podiatrist is much more than just a foot expert

A podiatrist is much more than just a foot doctor

A Podiatrist is much more than just a foot expert

A Podiatrist is much more than just a foot expert 926 639 Ace Health Centre

Not many people know that, but a Podiatrist doesn’t just treat injuries relating the feet. They are experts in their field and can diagnose, treat and manage injuries concerning the feet, knees, hips and even the lower back.

What does a podiatrist treat?

On average, 1 in 6 people living on the Gold Coast have experienced foot complications in some form in their lives. A number all but surprising, considering the fact that people are up on their feet, putting all of their body weight through the soles of their feet most of the day.

Getting your feet and lower limbs checked regularly by a podiatrist can help to discover any predisposing factors that may help prevent much unnecessary pain and problems. Podiatry practice is a discipline of medicine that’s obtaining recognition from people who are going through lower limb injuries around the feet, the knee hip, and lower back.

Why are healthy feet and ankles so important?

People generally forget about to take care of their ankles and feet, even though they hold by far the most burdens of the human body. Day in Day out, they keep us balanced, absorb vibration of going for walks, jogging, and jumping, and provide propulsion to allow us to move.

As you start to age people discover that their feet exhibit complications as a result of deterioration of extended years of use, complications such as arthritis, reduced blood flow, damaged nerves may develop. With the aid of a podiatrist, they can study the cause of the problem, diagnose, and then suggest treatment strategies.

Podiatrists are experts in their respective fields

Becoming a podiatrist isn’t easy. It is an exclusive practice that necessitates the podiatry student to pass through 4 years of difficult university exams and 1000 hours of practical work.

At first sight, people believe that the feet are simply a basic portion of the human body, however, if we provide a distinctive attention to how many bones, nerve fibers, connecting tissues, and joints located in the feet and ankles, and the stress that they go through, we’ll value and understand the importance of taking care of our feet.

Happy feet is the key to a happy life so make sure you get yours checked regularly by an experienced podiatrist in your area.

  • I’m glad that you explain how podiatrists can study foot problems to get a diagnosis and provide treatment suggestions. It would probably be a good idea to find a local podiatrist before there’s an issue. This could give you time to research local professionals thoroughly to find one you can trust so that you can get to them quickly when there is a problem in order to get your foot treated as soon as possible and prevent any issues from getting worse.

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