How many times have you taken an anti- inflammatory drug to try and help you get past an injury or help stop those aches and pains from training?

Dr’s and therapists alike are all to happy to recommended them to help people over come issues with pain during rehab.

New research has just been released that say’s that taking them can actually inhibit the increase in muscle strength and size.

‘Acute research has previously shown that taking anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce signaling responses that have been linked to muscle growth. Specifically, they appear to inhibit the cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes that regulate prostaglandin synthesis.’

So…. what does this mean – This means that during rehab from and injury could possibly take long when on these drugs. That said, taking them can reduce pain and allow you todo the rehab that you may not otherwise be able todo. Its all a bit of a viscous cycle.

It means though that if your are training and can get by without them then you should think twice before taking them to get the biggest increases in strength and size.

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