Mental Health Tips – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Were not going to go into anything fancy here. We just want you to read the 11 points. Taking them on board is the most important thing, and they are all pretty simple and self explanatory. We [...]


Arthritis – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Arthritis Arthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, with 3.8 million Australians affected and costing the economy more than $23.9 billion each year in the medical [...]


Nike Epic React Review – Ace Health, Centre Gold Coast

Initial Thoughts Pulling these out of the box they feel surprisingly light. This is surprising considering they have a forefoot and heel but stick with the typical narrow nike mid foot. Many [...]


Nike Vaporfly 4% review – Ace Health Centre – Gold Coast

Initial Thoughts When pulling these out of the box they feel like nothing you have ever seen before. They are very light the foam feels so much different to normal eva, the streamlined shape is a [...]


Shin Splints – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Shin Splints Treatment  Shin splints / pain usually occurs due to a sudden increase in exercise. Shin splints is very common in people who over pronate/have flat feet. It is usually caused by the [...]


New Equipment! – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

We are moving up in the world of rehab. We have recently acquired a Smith Machine with 150kg+ of weights to take your rehab, fitness, and recovery to the next level. Rehabilitation of an injury [...]


Vionic Shoes – Catwalk style made in a Science lab – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Have you ever heard of Vionic Shoes? Well, if your feet are in pain and you are just trying to make it through the day in your high heels and haven’t heard about Vionic Shoes –  [...]


New location, New services, Improved Health Care – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Ace health is proud to have moved to our new location in Clear Island Waters. Located just behind the Q centre in Mermaid Waters, just down the road from Pacific fair shopping centre in [...]


Beat It Winter Blues! – Ace health Centre, Gold Coast

I am sitting in my apartment, heater on, hoodie deep down in my face sipping on a cup of coffee. At this stage, my mood is probably falling as fast as the thermometer, and it’s not even [...]


VKTRY Performance Insoles review- Ace Health Centre gold coast

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Nike have recently attempted the impossible  ground-breaking 2hour marathon attempt in their new Nike Vaporfly 4% shoes!  While they missed out by only a [...]

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