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Vionic Shoes – Catwalk style made in a Science lab – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Have you ever heard of Vionic Shoes? Well, if your feet are in pain and you are just trying to make it through the day in your high heels and haven’t heard about Vionic Shoes –  [...]

New location, New services, Improved Health Care – Ace Health Centre, Gold Coast

Ace health is proud to have moved to our new location in Clear Island Waters. Located just behind the Q centre in Mermaid Waters, just down the road from Pacific fair shopping centre in [...]

Should you be training to failure? Whats the best way to improve muscular endurance – Ace Health Centre, gold coast

Many athletes like to train to failure in the gym. Super setting and pushing themselves till failure is all to common. Athletes will always push themselves that little bit harder, to try and get [...]

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